A Day In The Life Of Me

For most, my occupation is a mystery. I barely know what to call myself. And the question for most is, what exactly do I do all day? Am I an Instagrammer who gets to take pretty pictures for Instagram all day long? A blogger who writes about any life events? Or am I a stay-at-home  mam whose job is to keep the kids alive while I battle a serious addiction to social media? Well, I’m all three; I’m an Instagramming, blogging, stay-at-home mam hybrid. So, I thought I’d give you a rundown of a typical day in the life of me. It’s riveting, honest.

This post is in collaboration with Samsung Online Exclusive Accessories, but all thoughts, opinions and day-to-day routines are my own.

7 am – Our alarm clock goes off. Not the typical electronic device that you set to sound at your desired time, but Penny, screaming, ‘it’s morning!’ from her bedroom.

7.10 am – I lie in bed hoping for a miracle and that she’ll either go back to sleep; or, will have matured ten years overnight and will head downstairs alone, make her own breakfast, switch on the TV and amuse herself for 30 minutes. Once I realise this is not going to happen, when she’s pulling on my finger with the accompanying, ‘come oooonnnn, mammy!’ I get out of bed.

7.15 am – We plod downstairs. Penny’s non-stop chattering has already begun, and I wonder how and why she has this much energy in the morning. Dream of the day when she doesn’t.

7.17 am – Penny bolts off to give the unsuspecting rabbits the same wake-up call. I ponder the idea that this will likely be the cause of their untimely deaths.

7.20 am – While Penny is distracted by the rabbits, I attempt to play my choice of background music, using my Samsung Bottle Speaker. But she spots the bright, white light that flashes as I switch it on and my plan is immediately foiled. I’m told to put on her music as she stretches for my phone so that she can play with the range of coloured lighting on the speaker using the Lux Manager App. Our sitting room now resembles a rave.

7.25 am – Amelia surfaces, and like a little mole, she slowly moves into the kitchen, eyes still closed. She’s greeted by a bopping Penny, a sleepy mam, and a rainbow of lights.

7.32 am – We all sit down to eat our breakfast. We aren’t morning people so tend to be silent over breakfast – talking seems to take too much energy – apart from Penny, she’s a morning, afternoon, and nighttime kinda gal. Instead, we all gently sway to whatever Disney-esque music plays throughout the house.

7.34 – Amelia requests one of her songs. Her request is refused by Penny. We carry on eating.

7.40 – The girls head upstairs, and I spend the next 10 minutes catching up on the latest Instagram goodness cleaning up breakfast. I make a second attempt to change the music (I even turn the sound down on the speaker), but Penny (who apparently has the hearing of a bat) shouts down for me to, ‘put Moana back on!’. I do as I’m told.


8 am – I chase the girls around the house urging them to get dressed. I tell Amelia for the third time that, ‘school is not a fashion show’ as she decides to sport yet another hairstyle for that day.

8.12 am – Girls are almost ready to leave when I realise Amelia needs her PE top and it’s still in the washing basket. I hurriedly retrieve said top and run the iron over it. I take comfort in thinking she’ll only wear it for 45 minutes – no one will know that it’s dirty, right?

8.16 am – Catch Penny trying to brush the rabbit’s teeth instead of her own. Wonder if this, in fact, could be the cause of their untimely deaths. Shout for Penny to leave the rabbits alone and to please brush her own teeth – add that I can see black on her teeth for a bigger impact.

8.33 am- We all pile into the car. Late. Again.

9.01 am – Arrive home from a successful school run. I wasn’t too late, Amelia had her PE kit (albeit unwashed), and I didn’t forget anything for Penny (not difficult to do as she only needed herself today, but I’m pleased with myself all the same).

9.03 am – Spend the next 20 minutes undoing the glorious mess that the kids somehow manage to create every morning. Turn up the volume on my Samsung Bottle Speakers and play my chosen podcast – finally.

9.23 – Make my second breakfast (pain au chocolat with a cup of tea), and using the Lux Manager app on my phone, I create a more relaxed lighting situation by opting for one of the ‘stay calm’ colour schemes. I swap the podcasts for some soft background music (currently Enya) and use my phone to adjust the volume and play it through my Samsung Bottle Speaker.

9.25 – Sit at my desk (the kitchen table) and open my website dashboard to start a new blog post. I realise that my phone battery is dangerously low – must have forgotten to charge it overnight, again – place my phone on the Wireless Charging Tray beside me, to give it a quick boost.

9.30 – Spend the next 1.5 hours replying to emails, typing up new blog posts, thinking of my Instagram post, and listening to Enya.

11 am – Create Instagram post – this can take anything from a few minutes to 30 minutes, any more than that and I admit defeat that the idea isn’t going to work.

11.30 am – After I have a short tantrum over not managing to complete even half of what I intended to and promising myself to somehow accomplish some time management once in my life, I leave the house to pick up Penny.

12 noon – Return home, and begin to make lunch.

12.30 pm – Clean up lunch and try to encourage Penny to go and play in her room while I attempt some more work. She rejects that idea and decides she wants to dance in the living room. Once she’s decided on a song (something from Disney that I will no doubt be singing for the rest of the day), I set the speaker so the light reacts to the music. Once again my living room becomes a rave.

12.47 pm – I’ve typed one word in the last 17 minutes. I’m not very productive when there’s a three-year-old raver wanting me to watch her every dance move.

12.52 pm – I give up trying to work.

1.00 – 3.00 pm – Dip in and out of working and playing with Penny. Feel pangs of guilt when I check my phone just as she shows me her newly drawn picture, then feel like I’m dropping the ball when I don’t reply to that email immediately.

3.15 pm – Pick Amelia up from school. Take a detour to the local shops to buy some food for dinner. I really need to do a big food shop, one day.

4.15 pm – Arrive home, unpack the shopping, send Amelia to complete her homework and put the TV on for Penny.

5 pm – Pick up my phone to find a recipe for dinner, but fifteen minutes later am found propped against the kitchen bench, scrolling through Instagram, replying to comments and DM’s – no further forward with dinner.


6 pm – Finally start to cook some food. Pop my phone on the Samsung Bottle charger to charge while I follow the recipe I eventually found online.

6.15 pm – Girls decide that they want to do gymnastics with music. Of course, they do, I have two noise-loving kids. The girls both begin to whine that the speaker isn’t working (the battery has run out) so I add it to the Wireless Charging Tray to charge alongside my phone. Tell them both to stop moaning and go and dance already.

6.21 pm – Wonder if both girls have sat on the Wireless Charger at some point today, as they’re non-stop. Either that or I’ve swapped my daughters for a pair of fog horns.

6.30 pm – Dinner is ready. Once again Penny ‘doesn’t like’ whatever is in front of her, so once again our mealtime involves negotiating what she has to eat, and what she doesn’t. Amelia, as always, eats the lot. You never get two the same.

7 pm – Amelia vanishes inside her bedroom, iPad in hand while Penny jumps into the bath. She spends the next 15 minutes thrashing around, soaking the walls, the floor and me, as I sit on the loo answering her questions while also trying to work.

7.30 pm – After two stories, it’s bedtime (hurray!). We set the Samsung Bottle Speaker to a light of Penny’s choice with an audiobook playing on low through my phone and say goodnight.


7.35 pm – Head downstairs to my office (kitchen table) again and finish any blog posts I’m currently working on. Or, if I’ve been super productive that day, I start a new one. My Instagram photo for that night is also edited during this time, and I scope out any relevant hashtags.

9 pm – Amelia finishes reading her book and steals the Samsung Bottle Speaker from Penny’s room. Amelia will then listen to an audiobook on her iPad through the speaker, and I set the timer so that the light and the sound will turn off after thirty minutes. Once the 30 minutes is up I bring it back downstairs and on charge, using the Wireless Charging Tray.

9.10 pm – Post my Instagram photo for that day.

9.15 pm – Spend the next thirty minutes replying to comments on the newly posted photo while also dipping in and out of whatever series we’re hooked on.

10 pm – Scroll through Instagram/Pinterest/My feed to find some inspiration and decide on the next day’s image.

11 pm – Head to bed. Read a few pages of my book, zonk out.

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