Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Is this a capsule wardrobe post going live before the season ends? Woah Dominique, slow down. When did you become so organised?

It still isn’t as early as I would have liked, but I’m improving. So far, my autumn wardrobe has been a great success; I’ve bought from new brands; applied what I’ve learnt from previous wardrobes; tried new methods; reduced the number of items I’m including and I’m living in knitwear. Life is good. The only negative (I had to include one otherwise I’d sound sickeningly happy) is that I still haven’t managed to find the right denim shirt. My beloved one from Zara fell victim to a serious case of ‘holing in areas you can’t disguise’ and I haven’t yet found a suitable successor. If you know of any brands that sell indestructible denim shirts, or at least ones that will last longer than a few month, then please let me know.

I can now say that my urge to splurge on clothes has been squished and I’m unconsciously shopping smarter at all times (it even happens in supermarkets, do I really need two carrots, or could I manage with just one). So, now I’m feeling like a seasoned pro, I’m loosening the reigns a little.

At the beginning of October, I unpacked my items from storage as usual. In the past I would select the items that I’m going to take through to the next season (kind of like X-Factor, but for clothes), I would then hang them up and start wearing them straight away. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, the problem with this was that items I may have loved  previously, didn’t always feel the same the next time around meaning that the some items could hang in my wardrobe for months without being worn, defeating the object of a capsule wardrobe. This autumn, I decided to give myself a trial period. After sorting through my storage bags, I hung any selected items in my wardrobe and rather than being too eager and jumping straight in with it, I used following weeks to make a mental note of what I wore and what I didn’t. Some items stayed in my wardrobe the entire time, some were worn once or twice and others, such as my Levi jeans, were worn to death. By building my wardrobe this way, I was able to analyse what I was choosing to wear most during that season and figure out my style. No surprise that my autumn staple was a knitted jumper with jeans and trainers.

My buying methods have also changed. I still pre-planned my wardrobe items as usual, but I didn’t set a timescale as to when they needed to be bought (I’m breaking all the rules). In previous months, I’ve put pressure on myself to have my set pieces bought and in my wardrobe by October, but this was causing me to panic buy and nothing good ever comes from a panic buy. This time, the timescales have been scrapped. Take the denim shirt for example, I know that this is an item I want in my wardrobe for its versatility, but so far I haven’t found one that is the right colour or cut. Instead of buying one to make do, I’m holding back and if I happen to find one in November I’ll buy it then. I’m not going back to my old ways of splurging every weekend, I’m still extremely conscious of how much and what I buy, however I now know it doesn’t really matter if I buy my planned items at the beginning of the season, in the middle, or even at the end. I’m not exceeding my chosen capsule number, I’m just taking a little longer to reach it.

Below are my 30 chosen pieces for this autumn.


Grey Sweatshirt T – Zara

Grey Polo Neck – H&M (similar here)

Soft Touch Sweatshirt – Zara

Checked Blouse – Zara 

Thick Knit Jumper – Zara (similar here)

Grey Gathered Sleeve Sweatshirt – Zara

Black Gathered Sleeve Sweatshirt – Zara

Oatmeal Oversized Jumper – Zara (similar)

Riviera Stripe Navy Jersey Dress – c/o Joules

Coco Shirt – c/o Baukjen 

Culottes – Zara

Knitted Polo Neck Jumper (green) – HM

Merino Wool Jumpsuit – c/o Jaeger

Pinstripe Dungarees – Urban Outfitters

Black Maxi Dress – Zara

Knit Maxi Dress – H&M (similar here)

Pink Duster Coat – Marks and Spencer  (similar here)

Camel Maxi Coat – Charity Shop (similar here)

Coast Antique Gold Waterproof Jacket – c/o Joules

Cocoon Tee – Stalf

Knit Culottes – c/o Jaeger

Knitted Cardigan – HM

Black Skinny Jeans – Levi

Skinny Jeans (grey) – Zara

Skinny Jeans – Zara 

Black Midi Skirt – c/o Nobody’s Child

Leopard Print Slipper Shoe – c/o Boden

Pointed Loafers – Next (similar here)

Adidas Superstar – Adidas

Black Booties – Zara (similar here)







  1. Elizabeth

    20 November

    Oh love your pink coat 💕💕 great choices for Autumn x

    • Dominique

      20 November

      Thank you. I hunted it down last year on eBay after being too slow to the M&S pink coat party. Thankfully, I found it and avoided the usual inflated price tag. Phew!

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