A Date with My Shower and Roger&Gallet (spons...

A Date with My Shower and Roger&Gallet (sponsored)

I had a date this week. A date that I go on once, maybe twice (if I’m lucky) a week. A date that doesn’t involve Boy Dom. And before you think the worst of me, no, this was no sordid affair with another man. This date was with someone hot, someone steamy; this someone was my shower.

When you’re a parent, ‘me’ time becomes ‘us’ time – no time is sacred; it all just rolls into one. If you’re caught painting your nails, a moment of alone time soon turns into a lengthy line of customers queuing to have ‘my turn’ at your home-based beauty salon. Going to the hairdressers means dealing with a wriggly bum on your lap for the duration (thus risking wonky haircuts for life). And even the simple, more everyday solitary moments, like attempting a wee in peace is a dangerous and unlikely challenge. So yes, ‘me’ time has slowly changed to me+them time. However, that all changes once a week when I send them off to school and come home to enjoy a date with the shower.

I have a brief – albeit enjoyable – encounter with the shower every day, but once a week, it treats me to something special, something that gets me excited from one week to the next. I have an extended shower session; a shower session that goes further than any swift morning washes, and this time includes de-fuzzing, hair washing, face masks, and a few extra minutes of simply savouring the experience. And I’m going to share all of the saucy details.

Some people don’t like showers, they prefer baths, and that’s fine, I guess. We all enjoy different things, have different tastes, needs and wants – each to their own. And it’s not that I haven’t experimented with baths because I have, many times, but it’s showers that I always go running back to. And each time they welcome me back with their enveloping warmth – all 43c of it. You see, showers get me in a way that baths never do. They know that most mornings are frantic, I’m often late and struggling to reach the school gates in time, so they accommodate this with a quick in and out meet. They know that my preferred temperature fluctuates each day, every minute, so they offer me a dial to accommodate my indecisive ways. And that’s why each week the shower and I clear our schedules, we lock the door, and we spend 10 minutes (sometimes 12) together, and we go on a date.

So, what does this date look like? What do we do together? Where do we go? Ok, ok, I’ll share the saucy (and very steamy) details. Before we go into it, I start with dry hands and a face mask. The Le Soin Aura Mirabilis Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask is applied as a detox face mask, eager to work its magic on me as shower and I carry on with the rest of the dates itinerary. Next, we both reach out for the razor (giggling as we bump hands). Admittedly, this is an activity we include more regularly throughout the summer months and tend to let slip when autumn/winter starts to creep in – bringing with it jeans and tights, our fuzzy leg hiders – you know, we get comfortable with each other. But when we do, those few minutes of de-fuzzing together, in silence, can leave me feeling refreshed, a little lighter (once autumn is here, the build-ups can get out of hand), and less likely to be confused with a cactus by Penny when she accidentally brushes against my leg (ow mammy, you’re spiky!).

Once the full-body defuzz is complete, we move on to hair, the growing from your head variety. As the face mask continues to work its magic on my tired, often dehydrated skin, my hair gets the scrub that it always so desperately needs. Once the shampooing is over, and the shower has once again gently helped to wash away the soapy suds, we move onto the conditioner. As that seeps into my hair – repairing the dead ends and damage done from years of careless colouring – we go back to where it all started, we go back to my face. The shower and all its warmth takes my hand and helps to slowly massage the face mask into an oil (which indicates when impurities are captured, signalling for you to wash it off). And once the Le Soin Aura Mirabilis Cleansing Mask comes into contact with water – via my beloved shower – it turns weak at the knees, becoming soft and milky. It washes away, uncovering my new healthy looking skin. Me and shower say our goodbyes and make arrangements to meet the following week.

The Le Soin Aura Mirabilis collection – Roger&Gallet’s first skincare range – have been happily tagging along on mine and showers morning dates for a month now – no three wheel shame in sight. And over the last month, they’ve played a major part in making that after-shower glow shine that much brighter. What shower doesn’t know, though (and we’re not going to tell it, right?), is that I’ve also been meeting up with the Le Soin Aura Mirabilis every morning and every night, for a little rendezvous by the sink. And that is where and when I perform my daily skincare ritual. The Le Soin Aura Mirabilis collection includes four parts – the Extra-Fine cleansing mask, the Beauty Vinegar, the Double Extract, and the Legendary Cream – and by using all four products every day, my skin has started to feel illuminated, soft, and hydrated. The same detoxing Cleansing Mask that I use in the shower can also be used as a daily cleanser to remove make-up and revive your skin’s radiance, and it’s been working vigorously to do what it was made to do. Cleansers for me have to include minimal fuss, and most importantly be relatively quick to apply and remove. Sounds odd, I know, but my nighttime skincare routine falls during the time me and Boy Dom are undergoing our stealthy ‘get to bed without disturbing the kids’ routine (crawling around the floor, whispering, and freezing with fear with every noise we make). Happily, thanks to its milky consistency, this cleanser washes away easily with only a small amount of water, so it does just that.

Following the cleanser, I apply the Beauty Vinegar. So, of course, as most would, I was expecting the intense smell of vinegar to spray out the moment I popped open the cap, and the thought of then spreading that same funky smell around my face didn’t sound too appealing. Thankfully, my assumption was wrong – the Beauty Vinegar smells divine (so much so, that I told Boy Dom to smell my face – true story). The Beauty Vinegar is evidence of the inspiration that Roger&Gallet derives from ancestral beauty recipes. It has a biphasic texture that contains 18 officinal plants which you can immediately smell. The Beauty Vinegar helps smoothe the skin, eliminate dead cells, while leaving your skin feeling unusually clean. And although it refines skin texture, clarifies, refreshes skin’s complexion, and tightens those pesky pores, you don’t feel the harsh tightening sensation that you do from many other toners. It’s gentle and fresh.

Thirdly – and the most indulgent part of the ritual – you apply the Double Extract. Roger&Gallet are Master Distillers, and the Double-Extract, with its unique biphasic solution of water and essences which concentrates the power of 18 distilled and officinal plants salutes this ancestry skill. Even the bottle and the Stilligoutte (patented by Roger&Gallet) only points further towards their medicinal heritage. The Double Extract corrects irregularities and (if you have them) wrinkles, restores your skin’s barrier and infuses your skin’s radiance. Only a small amount of this oil can reveal a new glow, or as they succinctly put it, a new bloom.

The fourth stage, and to nourish your skin that little bit more, is applying the Legendary Cream. The Cream, although firm at first, melts onto your skin as it’s applied, and as it melts, it nourishes, leaving your skin feeling supple, soft, and full of moisture. You go to bed or start the day with renewed skin, and with an even,  illuminated complexion.
So, Le Soin Aura Mirabilis is here to stay and I’m happy about it, my skin is overjoyed about it… let’s hope the shower doesn’t have a jealous streak.
***Blog post sponsored by Roger&Gallet. All thoughts, opinions, sauciness, and refreshed skin are my own.***

  1. Jayde

    30 October

    Aww I absolutely agree with you about shower dates… as much as I love a bath, shower’s just require so much less effort! I like to use my shower time as a bit of a mini meditation focusing on the sound of the water and the pretty smells from my soap – trying not to think too much about the day ahead!

  2. Pamela Bottrill

    22 November

    I love your photos and lifestyle. Looming forward to a newsletter

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