I’m Tired Too

Whether you work in an office, school, hospital, or building site, there is a probable chance that you have to work with an annoying little shit. Someone you just don’t get on with. If you’re lucky, you may only have to encounter that person once a week, but if you’ve done something really bad in a past life, you’ll have to sit opposite them, all day, five times a week. And if you’re one of the latter, then you have my deepest sympathy. Nobody deserves that. On the bright side, if you work with an annoying little shit then once you clock off and go home they’re no longer around to get under your skin – hurray! But, what if that little shit is your child. As a mother I’m being brutally honest here, I don’t always like my children. We have great days where it really is all butterflies, rainbows and running through fields holding hands, but then we also have testing, pull-your-hair-out days. These mostly consist of arguments, violence (by the kids, not me), time-outs, confiscation of items and tears (mine, not the kids). The problem is, if your children are your work colleagues then there is no escape. You don’t get to clock off and if you dare to even think about sneaking off for a toilet break, they sense it and will follow along behind you. Believe me there is no escaping them. Even Amelia who is 10 will think of a question that must be answered there and then whether I’m on the loo or not. So, yes dealing with little shits who you can’t escape everyday is tiring.

So, after hearing the word ‘mam’ for the 100th time; after asking Penny not to jump from the top of the stairs in an attempt to fly (the daily prevention of stopping children from killing themselves is a very tiring task); after dealing with the third teenage style meltdown from Amelia where she can huff for a good hour, I leave the chaos. I close the door behind me as Amelia rolls around the floor crying because Penny has once again pulled her hair and Penny is crying because I dared discipline her and I walk into Dom’s serene office where he’s calmly working on his computer and I wonder, who really needs more sleep?


  1. Julie

    22 March

    Seriously – I love my child more than life itself but sometimes, mid-threenager-meltdown, I feel like tossing the towel, walking out the door and punching the next person I encounter.

    I never would. Of course.

    I just desperately want her to be this super awesome human – so when she displays shitty behaviour, I despair. Get in the ba*^$^d car seat will you and brush your f*$£%^g teeth without all this drama – just once.

    Some days are beautiful; some days are not. At the end of each type of day, I feel as though I have peaked in tiredness and may possibly never recover.

    Sometimes it feels like groundhog day – and I try to remind myself to be present and grateful.

    I feel you. *fist bump*

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