All That Is Instagram e-Course

All That Is Instagram e-Course

If you’re on this page, I’m going to assume that you’re now in a very serious relationship with Instagram. You’ll be spending a lot of time together; tumultuous at times but also sweet and full of love. You’ll have had your lows (algorithm woes, shadowban breakups), and your highs (making it onto Explore, meeting new Insta-friends, and finding a passion for an app intended to be ‘just’ a hobby). And, as with most relationships, you want it to work out. You want to help each other to grow, flourish and most of all, to bring the best out of each other. Sound like you?

Instagram brings the best out in me. Not only have I met such a wonderful group of people through it, but I’m also now running my own successful business, doing a job that I adore while having fun and constantly pushing myself to do better. I want to stand on the rooftops and shout, “I love you Instagram (4eva)”.

And I want you to do the same. I want you to fall in love with this amazing app all over again, to let it encourage you to be your best, to live harmoniously under one roof (no going to bed angry), and to let it push you, your photography, and your creativity to the limit.

In just two years, my account has grown astronomically – going from a modest 3k following to 504k. My audience is 100% organic, they’re engaged, bloody fantastic and are my ‘right’ people. And over these two years, me and my silent and rather elusive partner (trust me, he prefers it this way) Boy Dom have worked tirelessly on All That Is She. We’ve tried and tested all of the strategies, busted all of the myths, grown a successful account, and our creativity has soared. And now, we’re going to share it all with you. All of our knowledge, our hard-work, our failures (because, of course, there’s been a few), and our creative know-how has been collated into my new signature online Instagram course: All That Is Instagram.

Sold Out – Next enrollment will commence in September


Then this is the Instagram course for you.

ATIS-HonestlyModern-BeforeAfter (2)

ATIS-lesmamanswinneuses-BeforeAfter (1)

What the course includes:

  • A course that’ll guide you through every corner of Instagram resulting in a successful, thriving and beautiful account.
  • 6-weeks worth of modules, lessons, activities and homework to bring out your best Instagram self.
  • Printouts to help you track your journey, outline your next steps, and delve deeper into your Instagram needs, wants and dreams.
  • Exercises and activities to keep your brain ticking and your creativity flowing.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where we can support each other, discuss our thoughts, our ideas, our successes, and have a good ol’ chit-chat about Instagram (giving our friends and family’s ears a break).
  • Facebook Q&A’s where you can ask me anything (within reason, of course)
  • Support from me throughout the duration of the course.
  • An audio download of all modules so you can listen when you like and where you like (huge bonus if you like a Northern U.K. accent).

Below is a collection of just some of the creative masterpieces my previous students have produced over the last 6 weeks. Come and make beautiful images like these with me…


Image 1: @leointhegarden  // Image 2: @lesmamanswinneuses // Image 3: @ryderboys // Image 4: @xanelachic // Image 5: @teaprouk // Image 6: @kelly_thebeeknees // Image 6: @sheflourished_ // Image 7: @hilaryavamay // Image 8: @zoeleawriter //Image 9: @wildbonbons // Image 10: @bri.dietz // Image 11: @charminglifebyjess

Next class opens in September

  1. vanina

    27 April

    I would love to join the course and I haven’t received the email confirming the presale. Should I wait?

    Thank you

    • Dominique

      30 April

      Hi Vanina,

      Yes, the email will be sent out later today. Hope to see you there.


  2. Dee

    28 April

    Sounds like an amazing course! And such great progress from previous students..

    • Dominique

      30 April

      Thank you, Dee. The students have all been fantastic, and I can’t believe some of the transformations that I’m seeing.


  3. Terri-Ann

    29 April

    How much is your course in US dollars?

    • Dominique

      30 April

      Hi Terri-Ann,

      It works out at $360. Hope to see you there.


  4. Oooh nooo, so gutted I missed out on your course! I’ll have to sign up for the next one in September! ❤️

  5. Liza Younan

    17 May

    Hi I love your page and I think what you do with the pictures is amazing! I have seen a lot of moms on insta with the same concept! So my question is I have no experience with photography and not creative at all! But I feel like this would be great to do to have memories with your children! I have 5 girls from 3-14 years old! Would this course be good for someone with no experience at all? And not technology savvy either lol? Thank you in advance

    • Dominique

      25 May

      Thank you, Liza.

      Yes, the course can help anyone from beginners to Instagram pros. We don’t touch on anything too technical, and instead, we focus on creativity, finding your Instagram style, and then finding an audience who appreciate your work. x

  6. Patrizia

    27 September

    Hi! Any news about the autumn edition of the course? Thanks

  7. Josie

    28 November

    Hey Dominique, When is your next e-course coming out?

  8. Loanna

    10 March

    Hello, is this offering for 2019? I registered myself last year, never got a pre sale email or anything. Im very interested in this program.Can you please help me?

    • Dominique

      12 March

      Hi Loanna,

      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and other projects, we are no longer running the course. We do plan to release a smaller, stand-alone course on creativity which should be available to buy next month.

      Many thanks,


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