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In the past 6 months, Instagram has become my full-time job. In December 2016, I was sitting proudly on 56k followers, fast-forward 7 months, and this figure has grown exponentially to over a quarter of a million.

And this kind of inflation hasn’t been down to luck, or by buying followers (something I was recently accused of on Twitter *eye roll*), this has been down to hard work, knowing Instagram, and creating imagery that demands a ‘like’. With the current world of Instagram – with the new(ish) algorithm and high competition that just keeps getting better – posting average images just isn’t enough. To make sure you’re appearing on people’s feeds – and defeating the algorithm – you need to create images that people are engaging with. To encourage new audiences to visit your account, your images need to stand out amongst the rest. And to make sure that any new traffic converts into followers, you need to make that follow button irresistibly clickable. You want to make it impossible for any new visitors to just turn away. Not only that, you need to be an active member of the Instagram community. Sound a lot? Don’t worry, I can help you do it all.


How The Mentoring Will Work:

  • For £260 you will get 90 minutes of one-on-one mentoring with me (3 x 30-minute Skype sessions over 3 weeks).
  • A package that is tailored to you; your needs, your wants, and your own objectives.
  • A dedicated messaging service which will allow you to send over any additional questions or queries in between our Skype conversations.*
  • Optional: advice and tutorials on Photoshop (this will be provided by Boy Dom 😉)
*You’ll be given access to my Slack account to send over any questions you want to ask or think of between our sessions. Some I will gather up to answer during our sessions, but for the shorter replies, I will answer on the day.

We’ll discuss all things Instagram (yippee!). And whether you want to touch on everything, or really hone in on a specific area that you’re struggling with, I’ve got it covered. Topics we can look at:

  • What you want from Instagram, whether that be starting a new account, using it for business, pleasure, or to make it into a business – we’ll cover it all.
  • How to grow your account organically.
  • Determining what audience is your audience.
  • How to use hashtags in a positive and effective way.
  • How to get inspired and as a result, create images that you and your audience will love.
  • Find your IG style (and work on how to keep it strong).
  • Keep a consistent and cohesive flow to your feed.
  • Discover the right editing techniques and filters that will complement your photography.
  • Making the ‘follow’ button irresistibly clickable.

All That Is She Instagram Mentoring – BUY NOW (£260.00)

I am a homeschool mom to 5 and small shop owner. Instagram has been an incredible community to share my story and my shop, but it hasn’t come without it’s struggles and learning curves. My shop has seen much growth the last two years, but my instagram was at a standstill. I spent some time researching tools and company’s to help teach me new resources and old ones to see consistent growth and engagement. I was looking for something or someone that would look at my accounts, and engage with me personally, but I couldn’t find anything! In that time Dominique posted about her mentorship! It was exactly what I’d been looking for. She was to the point in the class and very detailed in how she posts, edits photos, keeps her audience engaged with a well corrugated feed. I opted to do the mentorship after the class and she was FABULOUS! She made herself available to me and answered every question so thoroughly and in regards to my feeds. None of her responses were generic. If there was a question she couldn’t answer right away, she researched it and got back with me! I could not recommend a better investment for “upping your instagram game” truly! Dominique has a great program and the mentorship with her was exactly what I needed to take my instagram to the next level! I highly recommend her as a first option before spending a lot of time and money on big time instagram marketing companies!! -Krista


I’ve really enjoyed this, and it’s been extremely helpful! Even though it was “just” conversation Dominique confirmed some things that I wasn’t sure about and also given me some new perspectives that I hadn’t thought of. I’m taking away a much more definite course of action, and for that I am grateful! – @pattischmidt


I loved working with Dominique; she answered all my questions thoroughly and helped me out of a creative slump. The biggest challenge I was having was how to translate what I do into pictures. Dominique and I discussed some themes and we landed on three that I love and I can reproduce and have fun with. She really helped me with my editing as I was struggling to get the pictures to look the way I wanted, but Dominique helped me through the process and the quality of my pictures improved no end. I now feel like I know what I am doing and how I can grow my following  and most of all, I find it fun again. – @sarahjnewton

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  1. Are you taking trainees in the states?

    • Dominique

      26 July

      Hi Angela, yes of course. It’s open worldwide, so I hope to see you there.


  2. Preet

    26 July

    I badly want to sign up 😞 But I am getting married in Sept, moving to London from Glasgow and it’s just non stop busy right now. I won’t free till after October 😞. Will you have more session like these running?

    • Dominique

      29 July

      Oh yes, I don’t think any bride has time for Instagram mentoring in the lead up to their wedding – you’ve already got enough to think/worry about. So, the plan is to release a small amount of mentoring spaces each month, which means there will be some available in October for you. Hopefully, I’ll see you then 🙂 x

  3. Jessica

    27 July

    This sounds totally amazing; just what I’ve been after. Will defo be saving the £’s for this one x

  4. Lois

    27 July

    Hi there. Do you provide written content too or is it just the Skype sessions? Thank you.

    • Dominique

      29 July

      The majority will be Skype sessions, although I will give you access to my Slack account where we can chat in between our sessions via message.

  5. Mara

    27 July

    Hi Dominique! I want to take this. I bought your first package but this one is harder for me to cover in one big payment. Any possibility that in the future you’ll allow a certain number of small payments to equal the whole?

    • Dominique

      29 July

      Hi Mara, sorry for the delay in response. The plan is to release a limited amount each month so I’mm happy to discuss some payment plans with you. If you drop me an email to and we can sort it out there. x

  6. Kat

    26 August

    Will you be offering any mentoring this Fall? Hoping for a chance to work with you on my current Insta as a well as a new idea brewing. You are incredible!

  7. Dominique

    30 August

    Hi Kat,

    I’m going to open up a limited amount of mentoring spaces on September 5th, and then will open some more each month for the rest of the year (that’s the plan, anyway). There are already a few people who’ve emailed me directly to grab a spot, so if you’d like to do the same just email me on Hope to see you there x

    • Kat

      21 September

      I somehow missed this! Going to email you directly now.

  8. Kristen

    18 September

    Hi there !!! Are you accepting any more for this ?

  9. Lucie camelo

    29 October

    I’m really interested, I’ve looking for one on one mentoring for my instagram page. I’m a professional dancer and my page is about my career and lifestyle. Would that be an are you can help me with?

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