It’s Here


It’s here! Christmas, yes, but also my Christmas spirit decided to make an appearance. Last week I wrote how I was feeling a tad underwhelmed at the prospect of Christmas day, and my festive cheer was nowhere to be seen. Well, I’m pleased to say that I finally found it – it was hiding amongst some Maris Piper potatoes and a few classic Christmas tunes. It’s surprising what a bowl of roast potatoes and an impromptu family get together can do to you. I knew they were special, but I’d underestimated just how special (the roasties that is).

As I peeled (and bopped) away in the kitchen, the joy of Christmas started to rush over me, so much so that I started cheering, ‘it’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!’. Once that was over with I quickly got back to my cooking; I don’t think the rest of the family would be quite as appreciative of my joy if the food wasn’t ready when they arrived. So, now I’m feeling it – like really feeling it – I’ve tried to cram as many Christmas activities into this week as humanly possible.  The problem with turning up to the (metaphorical) Christmas party later than everyone else, is that you’re not then prepared for all the activities you suddenly have the urge to do; you don’t have the ingredients for gingerbread men, you haven’t cultivated acceptable wreath making foliage in your garden and you certainly don’t have pre-booked tickets for any event with even a sniff of Christmas or an appearance from a fat man in a red suit (which you now realise everyone else bought in October).

After hours of trawling the internet we luckily secured a place on the Enchanted Christmas event at Hardwick Hall – phew! And once we visited there, everything else just fell into place. One of the gifts the girls received from Santa was a gingerbread mix, meaning we narrowly avoided a last minute food shop along with the manic Christmas dinner shoppers (hurray), and gingerbread making could still be ticked off our list. Christmas movies have been watched endlessly (an activity that I strongly champion – sofa, blanket and chocolate is always a yes from me), Christmas songs have been sung and wreath making, well that can wait for next year. So, while my Christmas spirit is still intact and I’m not in the depths of the post-Christmas depression, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Hope your day is filled with food, family and festivities….and go on then, presents (because they’re pretty nice too). Enjoy!


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