My Summer Capsule Wardrobe Review

My Summer Capsule Wardrobe Review

My summer capsule wardrobe post was forgotten about at the start of summer – I think I was in a constant state of heat delirium

So, when I’ve tried to pull it together now, a lot of the items are in the sale, or not available anymore. Rookie error. So, instead of my usual capsule wardrobe post where I detail each item that I’ll be wearing that season, I’m going to look back on my choices and talk about what worked and what didn’t.


What Didn’t Go Well

Tops –  I didn’t have enough of these guys. And, stupidly, from the small collection of tops I did include (6 to be exact), two were exactly the same fit just different in colour. I really don’t need two over-sized t-shirts, one would have done. I survived, mainly thanks to the fact that I over compensated with dresses, however moving forward I am going to include more pieces for my top half and try to include a wider range of fits. Not everything has to be baggy, Dominique.

Denim shirt, or lack of – I need a denim shirt. Need is probably a strong word, I need water and food, not denim. But, I did find working with my wardrobe a lot harder when there wasn’t one available. My previous denim shirt was worn and washed so often that it began to disintegrate and was covered in holes, so I said a tearful goodbye but didn’t bother to find a rebound. Big mistake. I don’t tend to buy cardigans, so my denim shirt was my ultimate layering tool and they can be worn with almost everything. Life is good when you have a denim shirt in your wardrobe, so this autumn I will definitely be investing in one.

Ironing – If a piece of clothing can be worn with just a brief encounter with the iron or, better still, none at all, then I will wear it all the time. If an item creases so badly that the morning iron becomes an arm workout, then it’s going to hang in my wardrobe, creased, all season (this shirt from Next will vouch for that). I need to be more aware when it comes to materials, and choose materials that will work well with my bone idleness.

More Jeans – I live in jeans, so I’m not sure how only one pair ended up in my summer wardrobe. I’m going to increase this to three throughout autumn, keeping my little legs toasty warm.

No warmth – As I said above, without my trusty denim shirt and with my weird habit of never buying cardigans, I had no way of keeping warm on the cooler days. The only warmth I had was my linen trench coat. Although autumn will be filled with jumpers, I must remember to add some layering pieces too and maybe try out one of those cardigan things.

Things That Went Well

Linen – My linen goodies from Not Perfect Linen. I explain why here.

My footwear – I only included four pairs, but I chose well – a pair of trainers, slip on sandals, tie up sandals and one pair of heels – and I didn’t need anything more. Footwear is always a small section of my wardrobe, as I usually find a favourite and wear them on repeat.

This dress – As a mam, there’s always a lot of picking up to do which usually involves bending down. If you choose the wrong length skirt or dress, this can result in the public viewing of your bum, so for me it’s either maxi or midi, but never mini. This Nobody’s Child dress was an ideal length, it was slightly more low cut at the front that I would have liked, but I fixed that by adding a vest top underneath. It was just a great throw on dress.

This skirt – Dressing up for an occasion can be stressful when there’s only 30 pieces to choose from. Usually, I make sure that I have a black dress of some sort to accommodate for those days, however with it being summer, I swapped the black for this pink skirt. This has proved to be such a versatile piece and has seen me through a Christening (teamed with heels), shopping trips (teamed with trainers) and trips to the park (with my sandals). This is definitely up there as being one of my favourites this season.

What items of clothing from your summer wardrobe have you been loving?


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