Not Perfect Linen: The Answer To My Pinterest Drea...

Not Perfect Linen: The Answer To My Pinterest Dreams

 If I was to describe Pinterest to an alien, I’d say it was a form of torture; a site filled with dreams that are never going to happen.

You have your boards filled with outfits you can never find, holidays you can’t afford, unrealistic interiors (a tree growing out of your living room floor, really?), meals cooked with ingredients you’ll never find at Aldi and a craft board you’ll overload with craft ideas that you say you’ll do, but deep down you know it’s never going to happen. And the one time you do take an idea from your craft board (I let Penny and her baby cousin play with cooked spaghetti once), what it fails to tell you is that you’ll still be scraping starchy spaghetti off your floors a week later. There’s no board for that.

All that being said, I still spend many hours cruising the land of inconceivable dreams.

If you’re the same, you’ll know all too well the lustful feelings when you spot your dream dress on a random woman strolling down a palm tree-paved street, followed by the crushing disappointment of the discovery it was discontinued yesterday. It feels like the time you didn’t get the toy you desperately wanted at Christmas when you were 7, doesn’t it? If you want to throw a tantrum like you did that Christmas, then I completely understand. I’m a sucker for falling for unachievable clothing, too. I’m here to tell you though, that there is a glimmer of hope because for once in my life, the dream jumpsuit that I’d been stalking (for more hours than I like to admit ) was available. It wasn’t made as a one-off, it wasn’t going to cost more than my car, it wasn’t discontinued and the seller offered international shipping. It was made to be in my wardrobe.

The jumpsuit I’m talking about is made by a company called Not Perfect Linen. They’re a family run business from Lithuania and each item is hand-made to order. It’s very rare that I look through a company’s range and like every item, but their store is incredible and thanks to them, my love for linen has only heightened since I received my two pieces – the jumpsuit in dark grey (obvs) and the maxi linen summer dress in charcoal. Their strap line is ‘the beauty of linen is that it is not perfect’ – sweet, eh? And I couldn’t agree more. I’m beginning to realise that the reason I love linen so much is because it’s easy, in every way. Easy to wear (it doesn’t need dressing up and can just be ‘shoved’ on without thought), easy to wash, easy to care for and most importantly, easy not to iron. Who’s got time for that anyway?


*Post in collaboration with Not Perfect Linen; all opinions and feelings of love are my own.


  1. Carolyn

    5 April

    Hi there! I’m new to your Instagram/blog and just loving it – I’ve started a Capsule Wardrobe project about 3 months ago and am hitting my first new season I need to prep for. I have had my eye on Not Perfect Linen for awhile and love how you styled this jumpsuit here. I was wondering if you could offer any advice on sizing – I like that oversized linen look, but don’t want to drown or be saggy and you seem to have struck the perfect balance. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Dominique

    6 April

    Hi Carolyn,

    So happy to ‘meet’ you! I love to hear that other people are enjoying their capsule wardrobe journey as much as I am. Regarding the linen jumpsuit, I’m pretty sure that I ordered the XS which is my usual size (I’m a UK size 8) and this is the fit I got. Speak to the girls for more definite advice, but from experience I would say that they’re true to size.


  3. Pia Grace

    10 April

    Hi Dominique…..I’m just sitting poised to order the jumpsuit from nPL and am wondering on sizing…….I know its generous….what size did you order in relation to UK sizing ? I’m an 8 but wondering whether Small will be tooooo big and to go for XS…..any help appreciated !
    Pia xxxxx
    ps I’ve had this on my wish list since reading this article ! x

  4. Pia Grace

    10 April

    DOH………..I’ve just seen the question above and it answers mine too ! xxxx

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