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Ohhio ‘How To Knit A Chunky Blanket With Needles’ Tutorial

Ohhio have kindly offered any of my readers a 10% discount on any of their products. So, if you want to treat yourself or your home to a chunky knit blanket, or fancy making one yourself, just add ‘allthatisshe34’ at the checkout.

One chilly December evening, I found the answer to all of my cold bodied problems. The cosiest, most I-promise-to-hug-you-all-day-long jumper that I’d ever seen – a chunky knit jumper. Naturally, as Christmas was looming, I showed it to Dominic, with pleading eyes. ‘I really, *really* need this jumper! Can’t you see that my life is incomplete without it?’ It wasn’t until we looked at the website did we realise that chunky knit jumpers also held a chunky price.

Me: ‘Oh, but Dominic, just think of how happy I’ll be when wearing a jumper that will cuddle me all day AND keep me warm, forever!’

Dominic: ‘For that price, I’ll sit and cuddle you all day and whack the heating up.’ (totally not the same).

So, I gave up on my dreamy jumper. Unbeknown to me – thanks to his perfected poker face – Boy Dom hadn’t. From that day on he’d set it to be his goal to find the materials needed for me to make my own chunky knit product. Subconsciously knowing that my attention span and patience wouldn’t have lasted if he’d presented me with the task of learning to knit a jumper when I hadn’t even knitted a scarf yet, he opted for a blanket instead. After months of searching, he found the wool, and failing to find the appropriately sized needles, he handmade a pair of using fence posts and spray paint.

After receiving them for Christmas, it took me a year to take on the challenge of learning how to go about using these things. And although I appreciated the hours of secretive labour he poured into making these knitting needles, I soon ditched them and turned to hand knitting instead (due to their size, they were too awkward and too strenuous for my feeble arms to handle). A few weeks after I completed my grey blanket (the one you’ve most likely seen repeatedly on my Instagram feed), I was contacted by Ohhio to see if I would like to try their DIY kit. Not one to shun the opportunity to make more items to keep me warm, I agreed.


The DIY kit comes with just the right amount of yarn to create your chosen sized blanket, a pair of Circular Alder needles, and an instruction manual.

Once the box was opened, and I was greeted by another pair of knitting needles, I had flashbacks of the tangled mess and sore arms I’d experienced while trying to use the handmade set before. But, these were (thankfully) very different. The Alder needles from Ohhio, although they’re still somewhat chunky in size (40mm) and ideal for creating the chunky knit blankets that we love so much, they’re small in length which is the reason why I’d struggled previously. They also have a handy rubber tubing which connects the two together – acting to help hold your knitting in the same way the larger needles would – but, far easier to manage. The next and quite significant issue that I faced was that I still couldn’t knit. I could’ve taken the easy route, and hand knitted it once again (the thought did cross my mind), but the desire to finally learn how to knit, learn a craft (something my nana has always urged us to do), was too strong to resist.


And that’s what I did. Using the Ohhio YouTube Tutorial, I finally mastered the art of knitting, and have boasted about my accomplishment ever since. Did I tell you that I can knit now? Surprisingly to me – but probably not so much to other skilled knitters – it’s the same method that you use to knit with standard sized needles, which means if you can already knit, then this will be incredibly simple for you to do. But if you’re like me, and have never turned your hand to knitting before, the tutorial video depicts each part of the process in a way that is easy to follow.

The end result, compared to my previously hand-knitted grey blanket, was far superior – neater stitches, fewer mistakes, perfectly aligned rows.


The finished blanket is now sitting proudly in my aunties house, and while she enjoys its never-ending warmth, I will continue to enjoy telling people that I’m now officially part of the ‘knitters club’. I was going to attempt to talk you through the process, step-by-step, but I fear you’d only end up in a tangled mess, and frustrated at my confusing instructions. So, instead, here’s the Ohhio tutorial video that I helped me gain the knitting extraordinaire status.

Ohhio have kindly offered any of my readers a 10% discount on any of their products. So, if you want to treat yourself or your home to a chunky knit blanket, or fancy giving it a go yourself, just add ‘allthatisshe34’ at the checkout.


  1. Valéria Araújo

    21 May

    Sou brasileira, e gistaria de saber como presseguir para adquirir o fio Ohio e seu valor. Grata Valéria

    • Dominique

      23 May

      If you head over to the Ohhio website (, all of their prices are listed on there. Hope that helps (and don’t forget to use allthatisshe34 for your 10% discount.

  2. Oh my god this is so so pretty! I’ll receive a knit kit soon to learn! Can’t wait 🙂
    Have a nice evening!
    Plume d’Auré

    • Dominique

      25 May

      Oh, did you order one, Plume? Enjoy it; they’re the perfect addition to any home x

  3. Susana

    31 May

    Hola buen día, pueden decirme como se llama éste material,? Tienen representante en la Argentina?

    • Dominique

      31 May

      Hola Susana, the material is known as merino wool. If you visit the Ohhio website, they offer international shipping so you should be able to buy directly from them.

  4. This looks so fun! My Grandma was a championship knitter back in the day and she *tried* to teach me, but I didn’t inherit her nimble fingers. Maybe with some chunkier needles like this I’ll be able to give it a go! Project for next Winter, I think!

  5. Anelyse Brañas

    7 June

    Olá, sou brasileira e gostaria de saber como faço para adquirir o fio Ohhio. Aguardo retorno. Obrigada!

    • Dominique

      7 June

      Hi Anelyse,

      You can buy the wool from Ohhio by visiting their website. The link is in the blog post – don’t forget to use your discount code to get your 10% discount.

      Thanks x

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