Pieces of litter collected so far

What is #ProjectLitterCritter?

I think we can all agree that litter and littering is a huge problem right now. We all see litter, but we often see it as someone else’s problem – I didn’t drop it, therefore it’s not my responsibility to pick up. But, once it’s there lying on the floor, blowing around our streets, into our forests, onto our beaches and into the sea, it is our responsibility. It’s our planet and we should all be doing our bit to clean it up.


In light of this, we’ve created #ProjectLitterCritter. It’s a fun, personal project of ours and we invite you to join in! It’s very simple…


1. Collect a few pieces of litter.
2. Use them to make a collage of a creature.
3. Photograph your creation and enter it using the form above.


We’ll regularly feature the best entries here on the blog, and on our Instagram Stories to over half a million people worldwide.


Check out some of the latest entries below!


credit: hello_shalysa


credit: goldfeinbakalov


credit: jenniferfuchs


credit: judithjasmijn

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.57.43

credit: leointhegarden


credit: sefigayego

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