Spring Capsule Wardrobe


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but we bought and renovated a house recently (I talk about it constantly? Who, me?)

Well, back to that house that I never talk about (I really can’t help myself), what started out as a quick cosmetic update, turned into us replacing the house. Only the outside walls and roof escaped the wrath of Dominic’s sledgehammer. And a project of this scale is time consuming, expensive and will interfere with your capsule wardrobe.

My usual capsule wardrobe routine all went a bit tits up this time around. My usual set-up would include taking time out to carefully plan the next seasons wardrobe – deciding what I need, buying said items, rummaging through my storage bags – but instead, this precious time had to be spent doing other not-so-exciting things. I soon became Head of Picking Things Up From B&Q and Chief Researcher of all things house related. Pretty riveting stuff, really. Dominic was lumbered with all of the manual work, so I had to look like I was doing something. So, not only was my spare time whipped away from me, there was also the financial trauma. This ‘being an adult ‘ and ‘owning a house’ malarky is eyewateringly expensive. And did you know that having skirting boards in your house is actually more important than a few new spring dresses hanging in my wardrobe? I know, I’m just as shocked as you are right now. I did contest this when I was going through a ‘I have no spring clothes’ crisis, but sadly I was out voted 3 to 1. I did open a few storage bags, optimistic they’d help revive my old wardrobe. However, my hope of opening a treasure trove of ‘oh, I forgot how much I love this’ was soon stamped out when I realised they were bags filled with pre-capsule wardrobe clothes and were filled with all the sale rack garbage I used to excessively buy. I actually think some of the dresses that I uncovered had been planted on me for some sick joke because I would never have bought something that looked like that.

So, due to not being able to plan, or add to my wardrobe for spring, I ended up living with a pretty small wardrobe. I’m talking 24 pieces to be exact and yes, I’m not going to lie, there were some shaky moments and times when I felt I had nothing to wear (mainly when I’d been laxadaisy with my washing and was down to my final t-shirt), but I somehow managed, and for that I’ll give myself a great, big, school-style, pat on the back. Now that the dust has settled at home (quite literally), I’m hoping to get back into my usual routine and as there are still some roll-neck jumpers in my wardrobe, hanging on for as long as they can, it could be time for some new summer buys too. I have listed the items that have kept me clothed since April above and I have already resumed my usual capsule wardrobe style planning for summer which I’ll be posting very soon.


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