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Upping Your Insta-Game eCourse

Trying to write what is essentially a sales pitch for my Upping Your Insta-Game e-Course hasn’t been easy. Even after five years working in an outbound sales environment, with its extensive training, I’m still not a good sales person. I don’t have the ‘gift of the gab’, I’m far too amiable and often too polite, so I’m just no good at it. What I am good at though, is Instagram! That I can do.

Instagram Mentoring

In the past 6 months, as you all might have noticed, Instagram has become my full-time job. At Christmas, I was sitting proudly on 56k followers, fast-forward 7 months, and this figure has increased exponentially to over a quarter of a million. And this kind of inflation hasn’t been down to luck, or by buying followers (something I was recently accused of on Twitter *eye roll*), this has been down to hard work, knowing Instagram, and creating imagery that demands a ‘like’.


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