The All That Is She Ohhio Blanket Giveaway

The All That Is She Ohhio Blanket Giveaway

This post is very exciting, for me, and (hopefully) for you, too. This post could be your one-way ticket to owning the super chunky, hand knitted blanket, that I’m attempting to hold in the below image. Seriously.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I hand knitted my own chunky knit blanket (still one of my greatest achievements to date, after the kids, of course). And although it took me a lot longer than expected – a whole year longer to be exact – I eventually completed it.


Today I received another chunky knit blanket from a company called Ohhio, and as I already have a blanket of my own, I’m giving you the chance to win it. This blanket (the one featured in the above image) is a large (50″x70″) merino wool, hand knitted, chunky blanket in white, worth $698/£574. If you want to be in with a chance of having it in your own home, then simply follow the rules below:

Terms and Conditions for the All That Is She Giveaway.

  1. Tag a friend in the comment section of my Instagram post dated 14/03/17, and I will count each comment as an entry (so the more you comment and tag, the more chance you have of winning).
  2. Follow me on Instagram by clicking this link.
  3. Follow me on Twitter by clicking this link.
  4. Follow me on Pinterest by clicking this link.

And that’s it. Your entry is only valid if you have completed all four of these steps. The giveaway is open worldwide, and I will choose a winner by random on the 25/03/17. Good luck!


  1. Laura

    15 March

    Oh my goodness I *am* super excited about this *heart eyes*

  2. Angela

    15 March

    Love it!! 😍

  3. kittylts

    15 March

    Oh wow thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! That’s just soooo generous!
    pinterest Catherine L
    instagram kittylts
    twitter kittylt
    Good luck

  4. Victoria conrad

    15 March

    Beautiful giveaway!! Fingers crossed!! Would love to photograph my daughter in this blanket!!

  5. Becky

    15 March

    Oh this is so exciting that this is a world wide competition – things hardly ever get sent all the way down south to South Africa! Heading over to your beautiful insta account to enter now! Thanks for all the lovely things you put out into the world 🙂

  6. Ka'ryn

    24 March

    When you can’t enter the contest because you don’t have a twitter account *cries an ocean* 😪

    • Sarah

      25 March

      Me too 😭😭😭

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