The Elf (Who Looks Like A Fairy) On The Shelf

The Elf (Who Looks Like A Fairy) On The Shelf

Elf on the Shelf has become quite the phenomenon. If you haven’t yet heard about it, here’s the lowdown – he’s an elf sent by Santa with orders to keep an eye on your child’s behaviour and then report back on whether it’s naughty or nice. He can sometimes get up to mischief while your children sleep; making a mess, moving things about, playing with their toys; and, well, he’s creepy as fuck. Seriously. Look at him. If my mam had told me that this little elf (who looks as though he’s walked straight off the set of Child’s Play) was coming to live with us in the lead up to Christmas, I wouldn’t have slept for the entirety of December. The idea of him hanging precariously off my lampshade as he watched me sleep is simply terrifying.

The concept is pretty brilliant though and it’s another great tool to make every day in December enjoyable, and helps minimise the ‘is it Christmas yet?’ plaguing. As Penny had the horrors last year at the prospect of a strange old man in a red suit coming into our house while she slept, and Amelia has a wild enough imagination even without a murderous looking elf living in the house (she once screamed the house down thinking there was a bat in her dollhouse, turns out it was, unsurprisingly, a doll), I thought it was best to play the PG version of Elf on the Shelf.  So, we invited in a friendly looking elf. This elf looks like she wants to make cupcakes, give you cuddles and looks remarkably like the soft toy fairies you can buy in IKEA. Meet Ester the IKEA elf.

Over the next 24 nights, Ester is going to live with us and help us bribe them both into being well-behaved watch over our little darlings and keep Santa up to date with how well they’re behaving. She’s most likely going to be slightly naughty herself during the night and so, every day I will post a photo on this post to document what she has been up to. Just a fun, light-hearted post in the lead up to Christmas.


Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6



Day 7



Day 8



Day 9



Day 10



Day 11



Day 12



Day 13



Day 14



Day 15



Day 16



Day 17



Day 18



Day 19



Day 20



Day 21



  1. Grace

    2 December

    Very pleased there is a creepy elf alternative!

    • Dominique

      5 December

      Me too. I think any elf/fairy like soft toy would do the trick. Hope you find one 😉

  2. kayleigh

    5 December

    This is a brilliant idea. I am getting one today. I love your blog your the mother I aspire to be.

    • Dominique

      5 December

      Thank you so much, it’s comments like yours that make me love doing what I do. Hope you managed to find an elf that doesn’t look as demented and scary as the original.

      • kayleigh

        7 December

        My husband bought her a scary one from waitrose. It’s drinking my vodka and coke now! X

  3. Tamara

    6 December

    Haha! I have the same thoughts about that elf and my 3 year old son thinks Santa Clause is the one from Nightmare before Christmas which we watched this Halloween! But I love the tradition so we have a Mouse in the House! Way less creepy! I’ve been posting pics on my Instagram stories @tamfinke. So with you on this… 💁🏼👍🏻❤️️

  4. Dominique

    7 December

    He’s a scary little guy, isn’t he? Don’t know what’s worse, having him lurking around the house, or your son thinking that’s Santa haha. I’ll off to see what Mouse in the House has been up to now.

  5. Aleksandra

    7 December

    That is such an adorable little elfing you have over there!

    • Dominique

      7 December

      Thank you, we think so too. Not one ounce of scariness in her.

  6. Leah

    14 December

    Oh those photos had me cackling. They were so well thought out and entertaining. Looking forward to the rest.

    • Dominique

      15 December

      I keep giggling at them too, especially the one of her in the spa (our slow cooker). Glad they’ve amused you.

  7. Helen

    16 December

    Ah this is so sweet and funny – my daughter is only 3 months old and already I’ve been somewhat dreading the day when I’ll no doubt be press ganged into getting an elf on the shelf… But these photos are the first I’ve seen that make me think it might be fun! And not too creepy/hard work… I would definitely want to get a friendly looking elf like yours. Thanks!!

    • Dominique

      17 December

      I’m glad I could help you not to dread it as much. Our elf is far from creepy, although I wouldn’t call it easy. We usually remember to do it just as we’re climbing into bed and have to head back downstairs to set the scene :-0.

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