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Trying to write what is essentially a sales pitch for my Upping Your Insta-Game e-Course hasn’t been easy. Even after five years working in an outbound sales environment, with its extensive training, I’m still not a good sales person. I don’t have the ‘gift of the gab’, I’m far too amiable and often too polite, so I’m just no good at it. What I am good at though, is Instagram! That I can do.

In the last two years, I’ve organically grown my audience from 0 to 200k (100k of that has been in the last six months alone). So unlike my old job where I would miss every target (no monthly bonus for Dominique, again), I can now say that I have a proven track record – in Instagram (not in the hard sales department). And now I want to share all of my knowledge with you. The Upping Your Insta-Game course is a no frills, no fuss e-course that cuts out all the bullshit and instead, I explain what I’ve done in the last two years that has resulted in the account and the success that I have now.


Above are two screenshots of my feed: the first is from around 18 months ago and the second is how it looks now. If I look at the image on the left (All That Is She 18 months younger) on an individual basis, the images are all fairly decent. There’s certainly nothing wrong with any of them. But my feed, on the whole, is a bit… off. The images aren’t unified, they don’t sit well together, and there appears to be many inconsistencies between them all: the variation of filters used, the lighting, the variance in the whites and the blacks, and to top it all off, the temperature, tones and saturation are all different.

My current feed, however, has that natural flow. All of the images are working together to form a set – an irresistibly clickable set. So, how did I achieve this? How did I go from having a collection of okay images to having a feed that wows? Well, I’ll tell you…

In this course I’ll share with you how I finally discovered my own personal style that you see today and how I then work to keep it consistent. I discuss how to distinguish whether an image is ‘right’ for you and your feed, and how to tell if it’s not (not all awe-inspiring images are right for your audience, so we’ll work on uncovering the ones that are). And it details the specific mental and physical process that I follow every time I shoot and post an image. The process that I believe has helped my account to grow at an exponential rate.

So, if you love Instagram, and want to identify a style that shows the world ‘you,’ discover a process that’ll result in a beautifully cohesive feed, and want to take your account to the next level, then this is the course for you.





  1. Niki

    8 June

    Hi … I’m interested … but how much is it & is it an online course .. sorry if I’m asking daft questions

    • Dominique

      8 June

      There’s no such thing as a daft question. The course is £97 and is entirely online. Once you’ve created your Teachable account (where it’s hosted), you’ll be able to access it whenever you like, for as long as you like. Hope to see you there 🙂

  2. Niki B

    8 June

    Hi .. me again !! .. would it be possible to start this course say perhaps in September .. or would I have to start it now ?

    (money is a bit tight at the moment …. but i am really interested in doing this) … love your insta feed .. and what you do .. I love instagram .. the taking of (hopefully) good pictures … making friends with people youve never met (and may never) .. and the whole community feel of it … and have advice / suggestions from someone who knows what they are doing (you) .. would be so good ..

    Sorry for the long waffle ..
    Niki xx

    • Dominique

      11 June

      Hi Niki,

      Yes, of course, just whenever suits you best. I plan on keeping the course live for the foreseeable future, so they’ll still be an option to buy it then. It sounds like you have all the love for Instagram that you need to create a beautiful (and successful) account, so I’m looking forward to having you on the course :-).


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  4. Krista

    10 June

    I just found this! Looks like it’s closed. Is there a way to still access it? Or will you be doing another one soon? Thanks!

    • Dominique

      11 June

      Hi Krista,

      The course hasn’t closed, it’s still open and available to buy. If you click the enrol button at the bottom of the blog post, it’ll take you direct to the sales page.

      Hopefully see you there x

  5. Martha

    21 June


    I am interested , Is this just ebook that you write or do you provide online coaching and consulting ? I think, couple days ago I saw there was 2 types of online course. But, now just one. Has the other been closed ?

    Thank You!

  6. Dominique

    23 June

    I did offer an additional mentoring package; however, this has now closed. I will be opening another round of mentoring in July. If you’re interested, if you sign up to my mailing list you’ll be the first to find out dates, etc. Hopefully see you there x

    • Martha

      23 June

      Hi again,
      Okay… 🙂

  7. Kay

    2 July

    Hey there! Do you have any ‘success’ stories of people who have used your course to grow their accounts?

    • Dominique

      4 July

      This is the first release of my course, so currently, all of the students are still working through it. Once they’ve completed the course and have determined their style, I’ll be sharing their stories on my blog, so keep an eye out for them. 🙂

  8. Cat

    3 July

    I’m interested in learning about your next mentoring program.

    Thank you!

    • Dominique

      4 July

      Hi Cat, I’m going to be releasing some further mentoring spaces later next month. I’ll send out an email and announce them on my IG account and on here when they’re due to be released, so once I do, you’ll know 🙂

  9. Hi, Dominique,
    I am fully enjoying your blog and instagram feed.
    I am planning to take your e course and I was wondering if you released a new mentoring program as you mentioned in the above comments.
    Thank you very much!

    • Dominique

      24 August

      Hi Christiana,

      Thank you! Yes, I’m going to be releasing further mentoring spaces for next month. If you subscribe to my mailing list then you’ll be the first to know when they go on sale. x

  10. The_Behrs

    15 September

    Hi Dominique,

    I’ve already emailed back and forth with you about the Mentoring Program. I would like to sign up please. Could you please give me the payment details and also let me know when the sessions will actually take place?

    Thanks so much!

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  12. Tuyen

    20 November

    Hi Dom,
    What is the difference between the online mentoring and the E course? I am very interested in getting mentored but I know that has been closed and then I saw this e course. I’ve just began on Instagram and want to really find a cohesive style that works for me and would really like tonmnow which course of yours would be better suited for this goal. Thank you!

    Thank you!

  13. Tatjana

    12 January

    Hi Dominique! I’m very interested by this course as I’m a massive fan of your Instagram account.
    I have a question – in this course, do you also explain how you create things like cinemagraphs or some of the other interesting tricks you use for your images?

    • Dominique

      17 January

      Hi Tatjana, great to hear that you’re interested. This course doesn’t cover that, but I do have another, more extensive e-course that will be released in February that will. If you sign up to my newsletter you’ll be updated on when that course is released. Hope to see you there x

  14. Teena

    29 January

    Hi Dominique,
    I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the e-course. It really got me thinking about my Instagram posts. The short videos are very handy too. I also avoid the panic posts and put thought into my work
    Are you still offering one to one mentoring?

    • Dominique

      30 January

      Hi Teena,

      So pleased to hear that you enjoyed the course and found it useful. I won’t be offering any further mentoring spots for the foreseeable future, however, I will be releasing a more extensive Instagram e-course end of February. It’s called All That Is Instagram and it will cover all areas of IG – editing, pushing creative boundaries, monetising your work, engagement, Stories, everything. I am working out a discount for anyone who has taken the Upping Your Insta e-course too, as some of the modules on style will overlap, but if you’re interested then you’ll be informed by email of the official release date.


  15. Bels

    21 February

    I’m not finding the link to enroll in the ecourse. Not accessible via mobile device?

  16. Clemmie

    26 February

    Hello! I’m really interested in purchasing your E-course but can’t seem to find the link to buy it? is it now closed?

    • Dominique

      26 February

      Hi Clemmie,

      Yes, the e-course is now sold out; however, it will be opening for presale again in 7 weeks. Are you subscribed to my mailing list? If not, you can sign up on my homepage and you’ll be notified of any release dates and will be given priority for the next launch. x

  17. Cindy Clausen

    5 March

    I am wanting to so badly to sign up for this online class but I see it’s locked which I’m assuming it’s full. I signed up for your emails and am just wondering when your next class will be available so I can mark it on my calendar as a reminder to sign up. Much appreciated!! -Cindy

    • Dominique

      8 March

      Hi Cindy, my next class will go to presale in 6 weeks time. I’ll send out an email the week before to let everyone know and then my email subscribers will be given priority when it officially goes live, so if you’re already signed up, you’ll receive all of the updates that you need. Hope to see you there x

  18. Susan Jones

    8 April

    Dear Dominique
    I am interested in joining your course.
    many thanks

    • Dominique

      12 April

      Hi Susan, so lovely to hear that you’re interested in joining my course. Upping Your Insta-game is no longer available, but I do have All That Is Instagram which is a more extensive Instagram e-course, which will be released for presale April 23rd. If you subscribe to my mailing list then you’ll be the first to know when it is released.

      Hope to see you there,


  19. Cristina

    25 April

    Hi Dominique,
    I’m interested in joining your new instagram course. Will it be on sale soon? Thanks!

    • Dominique

      25 April

      Yes! You’re just in time Cristina. I’m going to announce it later on tonight, but it will be open for presale on Monday. Hope to see you there x

  20. Hello Dominique!
    I was wondering how frequently you launch your ecourse? I am interested in taking it but I am a college student and won’t be able to fit it into my budget this month but will make sure I plan for the next release (if you have another one).

    • Dominique

      30 April

      Hi Marisa,

      My next enrollment will be in September. I did plan to launch every two months, but we’re going to be away in July for 3 weeks, so I’m going to skip the July intake as I like to be present and around for questions and advice. Hopefully, see you in September.


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