What I Love About This Stage

Is it just me or does life have the tendency to be, well….hectic?

I’m in the middle of moving house and although the pull-your-hair-out stress hasn’t kicked in just yet, I know it won’t be long. And even if I remove this from the equation, there’s still a long queue of chores, to-do lists, meetings and work waiting to interrupt my ‘quiet’ life as much as they can. I’m writing this in the hope that you all feel the same and that it’s not just me who can’t get on top of things, but I know my terrible organisational skills can’t help.

While sorting through Penny’s toys yesterday, Penny insisted on ‘helping’. Each toy I placed in the charity shop pile was soon carefully returned to the toy corner by Penny. At first I was agitated and told her to stop – why is everything so much harder when kids are involved? But as she carried on, beaming a huge smile each time she placed a toy back in it’s original place and eagerly running to collect another, I realised that actually, this was something to enjoy. In her eyes she’s helping me, which is something she enjoys. If I bring the hoover into the living room (even if she’s engrossed in an episode of Peppa Pig) she immediately jumps off the sofa and pushes the hoover with me. No matter what boring household chore I’m doing, she wants to be part of it. It made me think, in the midst of every day craziness, am I appreciating the little things as much as I should? Should I have praised Amelia on her 10/10 spelling score more? Did I spend long enough playing Megablocks with Penny? Or have I been too wrapped up in ‘adult life’? So I’ve decided to write about the little things I love about my two girls at the age they are at right now – those little things that in a few years could easily have been forgotten.

Amelia – Age 9 years and 1 week

Her complete confusion around the world of boys – why does her boyfriend tell her he has another girlfriend but not to worry as she’s his favourite?

Why boys are always so mean? Why do they love being rude (like all the time) and laugh at her bag that says ‘Amelia’s Things’ (which I couldn’t help but laugh at too)?

The way she randomly throws new words into conversations. Words she’s overheard us say and has no clue of their meaning but likes the sound of and how grown-up she sounds saying them.

She picks a new favourite word and overuses it – ‘physically’ is her current word of choice. Again, using it completely out of context most of the time.

The fact that her hair is so bloody amazingly undamaged, she can sport a messy top knot that any girl would be envious of.

Her undeniable courage – she’s starting a new school in September and is taking it all in her long legged stride.How she has an opinion. On everything.

Whether it be politics (yeah, I almost fell off my chair when she started to nonchanantly discuss David Cameron one night), life, toys, hair, clothes, play, food, anything. Where there was once a girl who would follow the crowd, there’s now a girl who will make a stand and say how she feels.

Her determination – whether it be in building her latest Lego set or achieving top marks for her spelling test, if Amelia wants to do it, she will do it.The fact that she still loves and wants a ‘girly night’. A night that consists of a blanket, a sofa, sweets, a movie and the two of us amongst it all.

How she has no concept of money and likes to say ‘oh, that’s quite cheap’ for most things – including a mop that was £80.


Penny – 22 month

Our deep and meaningful conversations where she continuously babbles (knowing exactly what she wants to say) and I listen (with no clue about what she is saying)

On a morning she wakes up and immediately shouts my name “Maaaam!”. If I’m particularly sleepy and don’t attend her beckoning call in timely manner, she’ll then move on to “Daaaaad!” If it’s been a really bad night and we’re both struggling to wake up she moves on again to “Mmmeeeliiaaaa!”

How she has developed a taste in music. If you play a song that isn’t to her taste she will continuously say “No, no, no” until you turn it over. Goodbye James Bay, hello Tiny Tweeties!

Her undying love for Peppa Pig and how she’s replaced saying her name with a snort. So whether she spots a piggy face on a passing girls trainers (yes, this actually happened) or wants to watch Peppa on the T.V, she’ll just start snorting.

That she loves trucks. Trucks, buses, lorries and tractors… and no matter how many times she sees one her excitement is uncontrollable. I plan on taking her on a bus for a day trip to really send her crazy.

Her obsession with shoes. She only has two pairs but she loves them so much that the first thing she does on meeting someone new (particularly animals) is point at her feet and say ‘shoes’.

She’s now figured out that if she shouts ‘poooo’ when we put her down to sleep, she is immediately released from the prison-like bars of her cot. She seems to relish these few extra minutes of freedom as we check her nappy for said poo – only to find nothing there (clever little mite)

Her attention to detail – shouting ‘Dad’ at a woman in the doctors surgery who was texting on the same phone as her dad, or frantically waving and shouting ‘Mam’ at a car the same as mine while out with her grandma, and saying ‘bye’ to me as soon as we drive into her childminders estate.

She’s a keen cleaner. If anything is spilled when Penny’s around she’ll instantly run into the kitchen and return with a cloth which she’ll place on top of the spill and stamp on it until we tell her to stop. She’s very efficient.

What little things do you love about your children?


  1. Georgia

    7 November

    My daughter is 3 (or 8 as she tells everyone) and if i cough she will immediately find her drink and make me drink some to make my cough better. She insists that she is the one to put any rubbish in the bin (she has a tendency to recycle toast crusts).
    She has also figured if she eats really really slowly until i finish my dinner I’ll help her with hers and she insists that as she’s “too big” for the aeroplane i make a different animal noise for every forkful i put in her mouth 🙂

  2. Dominique

    15 November

    Your 3, sorry I mean 8 year old (didn’t want to upset her), sounds adorable and so caring. I know people always say little boys are the loving ones, but after having two daughters I can say that isn’t always the case. I do admire her eating slowly trick, I do that one with my boyfriend too 🙂

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