Winter Capsule 2017

A few weeks ago, I created my first ever e-course – How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe. What started as a way for me to help and guide others through the initial stages of their capsule wardrobe journey, soon became an excuse for me to dissect my own wardrobe and to really think about what worked for me and what didn’t. I used my Capsule Wardrobe Planner (shameless plug), to write down my findings and here’s what I found:

I don’t like mohair. Not even 1% of that itchy, scratchy, get-it-away-from-my-skin material can be present in any of my clothing. If it manages to sneak its scratchy-self into a jumper without my knowing, my skin burns, I itch uncontrollably, and then, I burst into flames. Thankfully, before the final stage has occurred I’ve usually ripped it off (Incredible Hulk style), but yes, mohair is dangerous, harmful, and anybody who can and does wear it has inhuman skin and could, in fact, be an alien – you need to watch out for these people.

I don’t like the iron. I use the iron so rarely – especially for a mother with two kids – that you could be mistaken in thinking I’m afraid of it. I’m not; I’m just lazy. And the worst thing that I could face on a morning – apart from the prospect of having to remove myself from my pit – is to see that my dress needs ironing – ugh! My fear of/reluctance to iron has caused many good shirts to hang in my wardrobe, unworn, for an entire season. So now, to avoid further neglected items, I shop for my clothes by calculating how much ironing time it’s going to need – oh yes, Zara shirt with frills, you may be beautiful, but I won’t fall for you. You’d be a bloody nightmare to live with.

I do like my basics. Oh, how I love my basics. Plain T’s, grey jumpers, skinny jeans and…. more plain stuff, in the shape of dresses and coats. I like my outfits to be non-descript, casual and comfortable.

I don’t wear colour. This isn’t a capsule wardrobe thing; it’s a Dominique thing. Apart from the one token colour that I add to my wardrobe each season – this time I’ve opted for a blush pink and an olive green (I agree, still not too daring) – I’m most happy when I’m living a grey, black and beige life.

I like a scarf. With the help of a decent-sized scarf, you can imitate the life of a turtle; you can sink your tired, little face inside the mound that’s sitting on your shoulders and peek it in and out as you wish. Scarves can help disguise the hormonal, spotty chin that visits my face once a month. And if you too only like the darker clothing in life, they can inject a line of colour into any Morticia Addams ensemble. Scarves are good.

I like jeans on my legs. I’ve experimented, really I have. I’ve tried chinos, skirts, culottes, all the bottom-half clothing items out there, but each time I still sway towards the old faithful – denim. This season I’ve given up, apart from a few dresses which will require tights to cover my legs, I’ve only included jeans. So to put it simply, my legs will wear nothing but tights, jeans and pyjamas for winter.

V-Necks are not practical. I seem to do a lot of bending down – picking up a variety of crap from my floor, picking Penny up when she refuses to walk, crouching in shops to grab items from the bottom shelf, all your average day-to-day goings-on. If I’m wearing a roll neck, high neck or round neck top, these daily activities don’t pose a problem, try them with a v-neck, and it’s a whole other story – hello bra and post-breastfeeding boobs that have ceased to fill any form of bra for ten years. So, to avoid embarrassment (for me and the general public), I’m opting out when it comes to v-necks.

Heels of any size are a no-go. I envy anyone who can pull off a casual heel; I can’t. I’ve experimented with all shapes and size heels, and the outcome is always the same; I feel and look a bit O.T.T for someone who is just buying milk at the local shop. I feel dressy and awkward and, well, not very me. I also seem to become a stomper when I’m wearing heels – I’m practically screaming to the world that it doesn’t come naturally to me. Trainers and flat shoes only.

Short skirts must be avoided. For reasons number 6 and 7, combined.

I like, what I would call, a ‘throw on’ item. These are the items of clothing that take no thought when you’re getting dressed; you just throw them on. They don’t need to be styled; you don’t need to pair them with any other piece, you just wear them. Things like jumper dresses, t-shirt dresses, jumpsuits, jersey maxi dresses – I like to have a selection of these in my wardrobe each season, for the days where my brain isn’t working enough for me to pull together an outfit.

So, taking all the above into account, I’ve compiled the below wardrobe.




Glitter Spot Breton – c/o Boden

Grey Roll Neck – H&M

Soft Touch Sweatshirt – Zara

Navy Tee With Back Tie – Marks and Spencers

Cream Wide Sleeved Jumper – Zara

Grey Gathered Sleeve Jumper  РZara (similar)

Black Gathered Sleeve Jumper – Zara (similar)

Chunky Cable Knit – La Redoute

High Neck Jersey Dress – COS

Black Long Sleeved Top – HM

Funnel Neck Flute Sleeve Jumper – Marks and Spencers

Olive High Neck Jumper – HM (similar)

Knitted Jumpsuit – c/o Jaeger

Long Check Dress – Zara (similar here)

Black Maxi Dress – Zara

Rib-knit Dress – HM

Grey Wool Coat – HM (similar here)

Camel Oversized Coat – Charity (similar here)

Parka – c/o Parka London

Cocoon Tee – Stalf

Plumetis Blouse – Zara

Mile High Skinny Jeans – Levi’s

501 Skinny Jeans – Levi’s

Blue Skinny Jeans – Zara

Denim Dungarees – Levi’s

Knitted Cardigan – old (similar here)

Leopard Print Shoes – c/o Boden

Black High-Top Converse – Schuh

Adidas Superstars – Office

Black Ankle Boots – Zara (similar here)




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