Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Although it is now March and I’m a little late, I am still being cheeky and calling this my winter capsule wardrobe post.

These are the clothes that have been keeping me warm since January and will continue to do so all the way through to April. Then I’m hoping for t-shirts. My last capsule wardrobe (autumn) turned out to be a complete disaster. I fell off the bandwagon and went back to my old ways – buying without thought, choosing unsuitable items, items that didn’t fit and items that I swore I’d definitely wear again even though they hadn’t crossed my mind in years. By the end of November, I was wearing around 20 of the 36 items I had chosen; my wardrobe was indeed, minimal.

This time, I have been tough, ruthless in fact and if an item doesn’t make me feel fucking amazing, then it didn’t make the cut. No more, ‘well, I do kinda like wearing this, if I’m in good light, only on  certain days and only if I’m going to that place that I never really go’ thoughts. If I don’t put on a piece of clothing that instantly makes me want to cartwheel around the house, shouting ‘I love you, I love you’ with a huge, cheesy grin on my face, then really, what is the point of having it in my wardrobe? I agree, this may sound a little over-the-top and it certainly isn’t me advising you to throw yourself around the house every morning while getting dressed (accident claims are not what I’m after), but what a capsule wardrobe encourages you to do, is to put more thought into your purchases and of course, into what you store. When you change your mindset and take your bulging wardrobe that is filled with sale-rack crap that you are never going to wear (believe me, you’re not) and replace with space and only a select few pieces, being fussy is key. Instead of having only a few ‘faves’, you could have a wardrobe full.

Below are my selected pieces. There are quite a few ‘new’ items included and that is mainly down to having a very generous family over Christmas and because I didn’t have a capsule wardrobe last winter (which meant I wasn’t being my new and improved, choosey self). As I emptied my storage bags, I found that a lot of my older items that had been hidden away in storage, should have really stayed there. There were the odd few items that I was happy to be reunited with (my charity shop camel coat – yey!), but other than that, all I had were itchy jumpers and clothing that just wouldn’t get along with the rest of my carefully planned, oh-so-fabulous, minimal wardrobe. I have shown below what items have been bought new, brought from storage (not many, I must admit) and what has carried over from autumn. I’ve also reduced my wardrobe from 37 pieces, down to 36. Enjoy!

Grey Sweatshirt Tee – Zara (N)

Grey Rollback – H&M (N)

Stripe Top – H&M (N)

Sweatshirt – H&M (N)

Drape Neck T-Shirt – Jaeger (N)*

Check Shirt – H&M (C)*

Black Rollneck – Topshop – similar here (C)

Denim Shirt – Zara (C)

Pink Jumper – Zara (C)

Black Ribbed Jumper – Jaeger (N)*

Tweed Oversize Jumper – Topshop (N)

Oversized Sweater – Zara (N)

Pinafore – Topshop – similar to my Urban Outfitters dress from last season which unfortunately was too small. I sold it and replaced it with this one. (N)

Twist Hem Grey Dress – Missguided (N)

Black T-Shirt Dress – Missguided (C)

Chambray Shirt Dress – Brass Clothing

Striped Ribbed Dress – H&M – can be worn under jumpers to double up as a skirt (N)

Long Check Shirt – Zara  (N)

Long Split Side T-Shirt – Zara (C)

Black Maxi – Zara – similar here (N)

Denim Boiler Suit – Zara – similar here (N)

Pinstripe Dungarees – Urban Outffiters – similar here (N)

Black Dungarees – ASOS (N)

Capsule Dress – Cheap Monday/Urban Outfitters (N)

Black Skinny – Levi (C)

Ripped Jeans – H&M (N)

Morgan Skinny Jeans – c/o Wrap London  (N)

Cotton Chinos – Jaeger (N)*

Navy Pea Coat – Warehouse (N)

Brave Soul Parka – ASOS – (N)

Reversible Wool Duster Coat – Jaeger (N)*

Booties – Zara – similar here (C)

Converse – Office (N)

Adidas Stan Smith – Schuh (S)

Riding Boots – Topshop – similar here (S)

Nike Roshe Run – Office (C)


(N) – New

(C) – Carried across from previous wardrobe

(S) – From storage

(*) – Items that have been gifted to me

Are you considering a smaller wardrobe?


  1. Gillian M

    31 December

    I have just stumbled across your instagram and am totally intrigued by the idea of building my own capsule wardrobe! Do you include things like gym wear and special occasion items in your capsule or are they extras?

    • Dominique

      1 January

      Hey Gillian, so happy you’ve found me. I’m going to be releasing some free e-courses this month on how to start a capsule wardrobe, so you’ll have to look out for them if it’s something you’re interested in. For special occasions, I tend to keep a pair of heels and a ‘going out’ outfit at hand to wear for any event that crops up. If I’m honest, I don’t go out all that often, so I don’t feel like it is necessary to include these in my set 30 items (some seasons they’re never worn). If you are more of a social butterfly than I am, then you could customise your wardrobe to include more day to night wear and when building your wardrobe you could choose items that are versatile for these occasions. Same applies for the gym – I don’t ever go so would never include gym wear in my wardrobe – but if it was an activity you do on a weekly basis, then I would include these into your wardrobe. If not, if it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence (as it is for me), I would have one set of gym wear that I would use each time.

      Hope this answers your questions x

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